BG5 Career Design Overview

Dive Deep to Fly High Style

Are you ready to take a deep dive into your DESIGN?

What if I tell you that with your birth timebirth date, and birth place there
is a lot of information to uncover about how you are designed?

No filling in forms.

No cheating.

No giving the answers you 'should' give, because how you really act isn't that 'pretty'.

In a BG5 Career Design Overview, you are getting the information to start experimenting with how you 'work'.

Life is an experiment.

When you are already acquinted with human design, this can deepen your knowledge even further.

BG5 is the same system, but it is more practical in its wording and it is solution oriented. 

These Six Success Codes will be included:

1st of BG5 Career Design Overview


How do you best express yourself in the world?

2nd of BG5 Career Desing Overview


How do you best interact with others?

3rd of BG5 Career Desing Overview


How do you best make decisions?

4th of BG5 Career Desing Overview


Important signposts to keep you on track

5th of BG5 Career Desing Overview


How do you process information?

6th of BG5 Career Desing Overview


What work setting do you operate in best?

Ready for 6 of your
Success Codes?

Foto van Tessa Lange

Hello unique-you, my name is Tessa

With a passion for personal development - call me crazy - I'm always reinventing myself. I longued for a life in flow, with fun, feeling light, instead of heavy, dark or negative. I've done so many things and they were all part of my journey. When I found human design, I immediately was intrigued. 

My mind is actually still doubting whether it 'believes' it.  

It resonated with me. Deeply. I dove into my own design and found BG5, the business oriented form of human design. After 3 semesters of diving deep into this information, I am still blown away with the gems that I find in it. For myself and for the people around me.

Full disclosure: I am still a student of the BG5 Business Consultant Certification Program 

Human Design chart Tessa Lange

My Goal For You Is to Fly

When you accept and embrace your uniqueness and you start experimenting how you navigate your life best, you will experience more flow in (work) life. I know, because my design (as shown here) gave me so many pointers on what I could DO or TRY to do, lol, to experience more flow in life.

When we all learn how we are designed and what works for us, we are able to not only embrace our own uniqueness, but also that of others.

It is my firm believe that organizations will improve when everyone can express who they really are. Working together will be easier and more fun. Processes will improve (other passion of mine), because everyone performs best in their role. Resulting in customers being served the best!

4 Phases in the BG5 Career Design Overview

Dive Deep to Fly High style

The four phases of the DDtFH BG5 Overview

The Dive Deep to Fly High Style... a bit different from standard BG5 Career Design Overviews. It is all tailored for you to get the most out of your experiment.

The 4 phases entail:

Phase 1: you receive video with your first 6 Success Codes explained based on your uniqueness (please note, this can take up to 2 weeks)

Phase 2: you watch the video and note down all of your questions 

Phase 3: we do a 30 minute Deep Dive, online call, within a month of receiving your BG5 Career Design Overview video

Phase 4: you have 2 weeks of Voxer support available, max. 1 question a day. 

Are you ready for your Deep Dive into your BG5 Career Design?
So you can Fly High?